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Carbon Free Hosting
We are pleased to see you are thinking green!

Do Your Bit

To help our customers do their bit in reducing carbon emissions with minimal impact, Logibase are now offering Carbon Free Hosting.

How Its Done

To achieve this and offset the carbon footprint of the server your website / web-application runs on, we will plant a tree with the Woodland Trust. This means that in a few years not only will your website hosting be carbon free but you will be doing your bit to help reduce the carbon footprint of the ever growing IT industry.

No Compromise

Our carbon free hosting uses the same powerful, fast & reliable servers as our normal hosting service which means you and your customers will not notice a difference, but for only a few extra pence per week you will have the added satisfaction of knowing that you are helping the environment.

Unlimited Usage

We believe that our hosting package is one of the best around, and now it just got even better! You don't need to worry about space for your website and emails, or monthly bandwidth allowances for your visitor traffic as it is all unlimited*! Which means you are free to concentrate on running your website.

Carbon free hosting uses our new Unlimited Hosting package.

* Click here to see full details of our unlimited hosting!

Happy Customers

The team at Logibase built me a great site that I can update anytime from anywhere and it's very easy to use (even if you're not that good with computers). They talk in plain English (don't baffle you...
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